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Custom Hydraulics & Machinery, Inc. services many areas of the Paper Mill Industry. We repair everything from the chip truck dump cylinders down to some of the smallest cylinders in the mill. These include but are not limited to hydraulic, air, and water-operated cylinders.

We rebuild and/or repair Peerless, Dana-Lasard, Air-O-Flex and Hydro-Flex chip truck dump cylinders as well as many other makes. We have our own in-house machine shop to make needed repairs. Click on Our Shop/Photos for machine shop capabilities.

We rebuild and/or repair all sizes of telescopic cylinders, single and double-action cylinders, welded cylinders, and tie-rod cylinders. Additionally, we rebuild/repair or modify various cylinders in all areas of the mill.

Custom Hydraulics & Machinery, Inc. performs work for the following areas (just to name a few):

  • Chip & Bark Truck Dumper
  • Power/Recovery Area
  • Burnable Refuse
  • Super Calender Winder
  • Paper Machine Area
  • Bark System and Refuse
  • Chip Mill
  • Power House
  • Woodyard
  • Groundwood Mill
  • General Yard
  • Finishing & Shipping
    • Extruder
    • Finish Roll Warehouse

Contact us with questions regarding pickup and delivery services for some cylinders.