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Custom Hydraulics & Machinery, Inc. has served the Grain Elevator Industry for over 30 years. In the past we have served the industry in 11 different states in the southeast United States. We repair everything from truck dump cylinders to power units and truck platforms.

We rebuild/repair Air-O-Flex, Kewanee and various other truck dump cylinders and other major brands. We have our own in-house machine shop to make needed repairs. Click on ABOUT US link for machine shop capabilities.

We rebuild/repair all sizes of telescopic cylinders, single and double-action cylinders, welded cylinders, and tie rod cylinders. Additionally, we also inspect and repair pumps and valves on power units, and perform a general inspection of truck platform and plumbing.

Custom Hydraulics was founded in 1976, and has maintained the original mission which is to provide our customers with good, reliable service at a reasonable price. We have never limited ourselves when our customers were in need. We go the extra mile for information and solutions, and will continue to do so.

Contact us with any questions.