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Custom Hydraulics and Machinery, Inc. is a full-service hydraulic and machining shop with an approximately 6,000 square foot facility. We rebuild, repair, maintain, trouble-shoot, and custom-build cylinders. We also sell a wide variety of new, brand-name cylinders. We assemble seal kits for cylinders from our large stock of various seals.

In 2000, we expanded our shop area by approximately 2,000 square feet, providing more efficient service for our customers with guaranteed, reliable service. We can repair, modify or make new parts as needed. The shop equipment includes but not limted the following:

  • Three LATHES providing repairs to cylinders with up to 18 inch bore and 500 inch stroke.
  • Cranes (hoists) that handle cylinders and parts up to 12,000 lbs.
  • Various other equipment:
    - Welding machines, cutting torches, drill presses, verticle press, vertical milling machine, band saw, fork lift, etc.

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